Bernard Löhr awarded lifetime achievement honorary award                 Swedish Sound Engineers Society is an association of sound engineers, producers  and sound directors with the purpose of organising those who work with audio in music, live, broadcast, movies, games and interactive media.  The award was established to highlight groundbreaking and exceptionally qualitative  sound work performed by a sound engineer/producer resident in Sweden.Work whose artistic and technical quality brings joy to millions of music/sound lovers  around the globe and disseminates awareness of the value of enjoyable sound,  highlighting Sweden's tradition of sound technology and music.   In previous years Mikael B Tretow, famous for the creation of the "ABBA sound" and  Alar Suurna, sound engineer for Roxette among others, have been honoured  the same award.   The Board's motivation for the award to Bernard Löhr:    "Bernard Löhr usually does not need a detailed presentation. He has worked in close  collaboration with Benny Andersson of ABBA since the early 1980s and is behind the  music recording and music mix for the films Mamma Mia and now Mamma Mia 2  premiered in July 2018. Together with Björn and Benny (from ABBA), he has been  the driving force of the sound work for musicals Chess and Kristina from Duvemåla.  He has also worked with ABBA, Celine Dion, Robyn, Westlife, Ace of Base and  many other Swedish and international artists.   Bernard is an idol and role model for many professionals in the industry, and his  productions have inspired millions of people, not least many children and young  people who learned to know ABBA, Chess and other musicals, thus enjoying  Swedish music and "the Swedish sound ”.                    His company Pole Position is a world leader in sound recording for movies. Recently  Bernard and his colleagues worked for the movie Dunkirk, where Pole Position recorded  and created the majority of the ship and aircraft sounds. Dunkirk was nominated for  eight Oscars and won three. Bernard's sound mixing for movies is featured in  Mamma Mia and Mamma Mia 2.   The actual volume fader of the award trophy comes from a mixing console that Bernard was  working on for many years during his time as Studio Manager at Soundtrade Studios in the 1980's. This console was used for hundreds of recordings, including ABBA's Voulez Vous.    Bernard Löhr at   Bernard Löhr, Mix biography - Mono Music    Jury - SSES Board Fabian Begnert, Johan Eckerblad, Jan Erik Eriksson, Juhani Hemmilä,  Mia Lorentzson, Torkel Odéen and Jian Rödblom (Chairman of the Board)  Photo Jian Rödblom and Juhani Hemmilä
Jian Rödblom (chairman of the SSES board) and Bernard Löhr
Den Gyllene Regeln 2018 ("The Golden Rule/Fader”)
Bernard Löhr receives the award during the break from the final mix of the soundtrack for Mamma Mia 2 at MonoMusic Studio in Stockholm, Sweden.
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